Defy Definition

Defy Definition is a crowdfunding campaign that aims to shift the conversation around Asian America from hate to hope by highlighting the stories of our founders, and by supporting the businesses that make up the hearts of our communities.

Haku, made with 100% Japanese white rice called ‘Hakumai’, can be read as “brilliant” in Japanese. A tribute to the spirit of ‘monozukuri’ craftsmanship — meaning a meticulous attention to detail. Haku represents a new definition of vodka. 

Asian Americans also defy definition — in our stories, our identities, our businesses. 

As we look towards a more hopeful future, support for our AAPI-owned businesses will be critical. A big part of stopping AAPI hate is protecting our livelihoods. Strengthening our businesses, means strengthening our future.

Join us in standing against the hate and supporting AAPI businesses. Text “HAKU” to 20222 to donate $25 to support AAPI businesses.

10 percent of all proceeds from the Japangeles x Haku collection will also go towards supporting AAPI businesses. 

 Steve Nagano

This is how Steve Nagano defies definition